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Visitation Policy at ECON Perling

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Your loved one’s health is our utmost priority.

In tandem with the global endemic trend of COVID-19 and weighing on the importance of social needs for our beloved residents, and the need to attend hospital appointments, we are glad to reiterate the current/ further relaxation of rules effective from 17th April 2023 as below:

1. Visitation appointment in advance is no longer required.

2. Visiting hours will be 10am – 7pm every day. Any other form of visitation requests beyond the schedule above will not be considered).

3. Visitors must still fill in your particulars at the security guard post.

4. Only two (2) visitors are allowed for each visit.

5. Kindly wear your face mask at all times on our premises. Should you fail to bring one, we can supply it to you at an additional cost.

  • N95 face mask – RM5

6. Visitor’s COVID Rapid Test before entering our premises is no longer required.

7. RTK Antigen tests will not be conducted upon appointments/ outings/ home leave unless the resident shows symptoms.

8. RTK swab test is only mandatory for new admission and post-hospitalization cases. Each test will be RM19.90.

9. No own supply of COVID test kits will be accepted for residents who are newly admitted and discharged from hospital.

10. Kids below 12 years old are not allowed to enter the ward. Visitation can be arranged at our visitation area (Emerald’s Place).

With the commonly shared risk in the community now, we seek for your kind understanding to always stay vigilant when you visit the centre. If you are not well, please do not visit our centre.

Let’s not forget elderly people/long-term patients with an aged/ weakened immune system and comorbidities (multiple chronic conditions) are still the high-risk groups vulnerable to COVID-19 infection.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at +6012-642 6046 or if you have any further questions. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support during this period and wish you good health and happiness.

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*Updated as of 17 April 2023.