Palliative Care

Palliative care is care that improves the quality of life of seniors and their families who are facing life-threatening conditions.


Understanding Palliative Care

Palliative care includes the treatment of pain and other symptoms, and addresses (where possible) the psychological, social, financial and spiritual concerns of seniors and families.  

It helps those who are facing conditions such as advanced stage cancer or chronic end-stage conditions.

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Types of Palliative Care


Hospice Care

Happens when the goal is no longer to treat and recover, but rather, to ensure the quality of life for the individual. This form of care is usually delivered during the final months with the aim of supporting the individual to feel as comfortable as possible and live their final days to the fullest.

Symptom Management

Symptoms may differ depending on the severity of the individual’s condition. Our care staff will develop a holistic care plan aimed at achieving the best symptom control to ensure optimum quality of life for the individual.  

Palliative care focuses on the person rather than the condition and aims to ensure optimum quality of life for those living with an advanced non-curative condition.

Components of Palliative Care

Supporting a Loved One in Palliative Care

Palliative care works hand-in-hand with you. It supports and empowers you in your caregiving journey.

Palliative care can help prepare and walk you through the process of what is to come. It can provide suggestions on how you can continue to care for your loved one at any stage of their condition.

You should also take care of yourself to prevent exhaustion and burnouts during this journey.

Supporting you across your Palliative Care Journey

Personal Care​

  • Bathing and/or assisted bathing
  • Changing of clothes, undergarments, continence aids and any soiled sheets
  • Brushing of teeth and cleaning of dentures

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Lifting, transferring and positioning of senior
  • Assisting in light housekeeping and laundry if the senior’s caregiver is unable to do so due to physical or cognitive disability
  • Simple errands such as grocery shopping etc.

Nursing Care

  • Qualified and trained nurse to assist in wound dressing, medication administration, managing of pressure ulcers and pain management
  • Providing support for caregivers by recommending advance care planning solutions

Respite Care at Home

  • Assisting and helping your loved one to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home if caregivers need a break or emergency relief
  • Able to support short term or long term (24/7 for an extended period of time) assistance at home

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