Nursing Home

Our promise to be a home-away from home guides us in all that we do. Whether your loved one requires a long term or short term care solution, we provide a holistic care environment to ensure peace of mind and comfort.

Our commitment is to provide an ideal nursing home environment with the highest possible quality of care

As a trusted and pioneer eldercare provider, we take an integrated health care approach in all that we do. 

By adopting the best of eastern and western medicine philosophies, our multidisciplinary care team aims to provide comfort, physical and emotional support for your loved one. Our dedicated team brings together complementary aspects of care to help determine the best combination for you.

We have developed and achieved optimal care and well-being outcomes through specialised care pathways developed for stroke, dementia care, respiratory, orthopaedics, and chronic disease management.

Core Services

We pride ourselves in providing best-practice services, aimed to meet each individual’s physical, psychological and emotional requirements. Our nursing home care staff’s expertise, knowledge and care approach provides our seniors adequate support to encourage a full and enriched life.

Our cornerstone has always been to promote the overall well-being of our seniors​

Our programmes are designed to meaningfully engage based on one’s interest, hobbies and cognitive abilities

We offer a variety of social activities and programs that vary at different homes. Our aim is to enhance an individuals’ health, friendships and connection within the home and their community. 

Being connected to others within homes and communities is vital in supporting an individual’s mental and spiritual well-being

Social Activities

We offer a series of group wellness and social activities which varies from home to home. The shared experiences at key events like birthday celebrations organised by our care staff acts as a basis for conversation and a good laugh, which is usually the first step in building a relationship with others founded on trust.

The activities offered varies at each nursing home and may include:

Community Dining

Nourishing and wholesome meals prepared personally by our in-house chef and kitchen staff are served fresh daily. With each new season, our chefs work with our dieticians to prepare fresh and local flavours for our residents to enjoy. Every meal is carefully thought out and created in house ensuring nutrition.

Maintenance Exercises

Exercise is always a great way to build strength and maintain mobility as it helps minimise the risk of falls. Our care staff develops a specialised range of exercise programmes focused on our senior’s goals and to improve their overall well-being.

Arts & Craft Engagement

Sharing ideas, socialising and getting creative helps to stimulate one’s mind, no matter your skill level or area of interest. Craft programmes and co-creation activities are run group-based or arranged by the bedside.

Recreational Activities

Participate in our roster of dynamic and invigorating activities. Our programmes includes social, physical and cognitive activities. Members and their families are welcome to use the Emerald’s Place for birthday celebrations all year round too.

Nursing Home Location

  • Perling

    1, Jalan Camar 3, Taman Perling,
    81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

  • Puchong

    Lot No. 1, 2, 3, Jalan TPP 1/4, Batu 12,
    Jln Puchong, Taman Perindustrian Puchong,
    47160 Puchong, Selangor