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3 Common Misconceptions About Nursing Home

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A nursing home and an old folks home, same same but different? There are 3 common misconceptions about nursing home.

It can be quite confusing to differentiate between a Nursing Home and an Old Folks Home. Most of us will think that they are actually the same.

They are actually different. Allow us to clarify now!

Nursing home takes care of only the elderly?

Only elderly care in a Nursing Home? No no, it’s a big misconception about nursing home ~~

As a nursing home operator, our clientele profile is not only aged residents. 

In fact, we do take care of post-stroke, post-surgery, patients with neurological deficits and those with mobility issues whom family do not have the resources to take care at home and others. 

Our residents comprise people from all walks of life!

In Econ Medicare Centre and Nursing Home, we strive to provide a better and more professional nursing care plan for our residents. From assisting in Ryle’s tube milk feeding, daily wound dressing, suctioning, rehabilitation, oxygen therapy, palliative care, and so on.

Misconceptions about nursing home debunked 1, Residents in a nursing home could be seniors, young adults, and adults in their 30’s to 60’s

Only nursing care is provided?

Instead of nursing care, we provide other services such as rehabilitation, TCM Intervention, Dr’s consultation, wound care, stoma bag handling and so on.

Furthermore,  we will conduct activities to bring fun and laughter to our residents, especially during festive seasons and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Parents Day, Christmas Day, Mooncake Festival, Winter Solstice and other celebrations.  

Misconceptions about nursing home 2 debunked, Besides professional nursing care, we do provide other services and activities in our nursing home.

Only uncertified care staff / general worker hired to manage the residents?

In Econ, our ancillary team includes professional nurses and care staff, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician, General Physicians, certified physiotherapists, ambulance & paramedics team, and administrative staff to operate and improve the general condition / well-being of our residents.

In order to provide a smooth operating system and bridge effective communication to our clients, we work hand in hand as a team to provide quality care to our residents, and their family members.

Misconceptions about nursing home debunked 3, We work hand in hand to provide the best care quality to our residents and their family members

With the above, I hope you will have a better insight on nursing home ! Share this article to your friends / families who are still having these misconceptions about nursing homes!

To know more about our services, feel free to contact us at the contact number below or visit our website!

ECON Perling : +6012-642 6046

ECON Puchong : +6018-909 6882

See you in the next article!

x_huann, 25th July’22 updated.

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